The Apps are coming!

The last time I spoke I told of the PocketPC apps my students were working on. The good news is that this little activity definitely caught their attention, and mine as well!

In about two weeks, my students have written a Text Encryption utility, Minesweeper, Cribbage, a Day Trader simulation, a Tip calculator, Space Invaders, Mad Libs, a Planetary Orbit simulator, and a PacMan. Some are obviously more "ooo, wow" than others, and some are closer to completion than others, but it’s all good, because the goal was to see what people could create when they’re given free reign

As for myself, I’ve gotten my Othello running bug-free, and I’ve moved on to a Traffic game (get your car out of the jam-packed parking lot). That one took only two evenings to get into the PPC, which means I’m getting the hang of it. Beyond these, I see in the future (i.e., this summer):

  • Arcade Games: Fences, Klax, Maki, Collapse, Bejeweled, RattlerRace,
  • Card Games: Solitare, Four Corners, Calculation, Canfield, Klondike, Towers, Osmosis
  • Utilities: A new calculator
  • And, my ultimate goal: ChipWits!

(Go ahead, ask me about ChipWits!  8^)


About Mr. I

After 17 years as a PC Software Engineer I gave it all up in 2000 to become a High School Computer Teacher
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