More on ChipWits.

In yesterday’s entry about ChipWits, you had to rely on your own imagination. Of course, if I had been really thinking, I would have added a picture!


This is what my VB6 version looks like. In this shot you can see all of the major pieces. The left side of the screen shows a robot in one room of the maze, which currently has three disks, three cups of coffee, two pieces of pie and two oil cans. (Sorry, no "bad things" in this shot.) The green doors take you to other rooms. This particular maze is called "Greedville", because it’s purpose in life is to train you in IBOL programming; therefore there are only a few rooms filled with good things.

ScreenShot maze

Below the maze are displays for fuel, damage, distance to a sought after object, and the keypress indicator; also the top entries of the move, object, and number stacks. The stacks let you remember things like how you got into a particular room or what you found there.

ScreenShot IBOL

The right side of the picture shows "Greedy", a typical IBOL program. All programs start in the top left chip (indicated by the traffic light). The next tile is an If statement, asking if the thing directly in front of the robot is a floor (as opposed to a door, wall, etc.). If so, follow the arrow to the right (through the Junction Block) and "drive forward"; otherwise, go down and ask if it’s a door, then a wall, etc. The tiles that look like binoculars are asking if the robot can see an object anywhere ahead (if so, store the distance to the object, in steps, in the Range Finder). The tile with "Y or N" is a coin flip, to add a random factor. The large red quasi-circular arrow is "return to the traffic light". The tile that looks like a claw (row 3, column 4) is a "pick up object" instruction.

When running an IBOL program, the tile being executed is highlighted, and the "clock speed" is about 5 per second. Back in the day, the Mac version would slide around the maze with various sound effects, with a simple "arm" that would grab objects, and animations for crashing into walls or firing the laser. (Currently mine just slides around, nothing else … yet).


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After 17 years as a PC Software Engineer I gave it all up in 2000 to become a High School Computer Teacher
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