It is finished

For all intents and purposes, APCS is done. I just finished a final review for my students, the bell rang, and they left. Tomorrow morning they take the test, and there’s almost nothing more I can do for them.

Last Friday I held a three-hour review session for any of the students who wanted to come. (Note: Last week was our Spring Break in New Hampshire, and we didn’t have any school.) All nine said they could make it for some or all of the time, but in the end only four showed up. (Still, better than previous years, where at most three showed up.) We had a great time chewing up the 2004 AB exam, and those in attendance said they got something out of it.

In an hour it will be the end of school, and I’ve offered additional review for anyone who appears. Otherwise, they have to be ready at 7:30am tomorrow for the 8:00am exam. Good luck, guys!


About Mr. I

After 17 years as a PC Software Engineer I gave it all up in 2000 to become a High School Computer Teacher
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