Yet another disaster

Boy, it seems that the only time I get to write here is when something goes wrong.

This week (Feb 26-Mar 2) is Winter break in New Hampshire, a time when all the schools take a completely unnecessary week off, mostly so that families will travel up to the ski resorts and keep the NH economy going. Anyway, bright and early (8:00am) Monday morning I get a call from school: There’s a leak in a pipe in the computer lab office right over your desk.

A half-hour panic drive to school revealed that it wasn’t right over the desk, but did manage to soak a fair amount of papers, books, memorabilia, and a half dozen cases of laser printer paper. All in all, not very much was truly destroyed (most of the printer paper, in fact, was salvageable, thanks to the semi-glossy wrappers in the cases), but I did have to move ALL the furniture out of the office into the hallway so that the plumbers could come Tuesday and replace the seal in the circulating pump that was the source of the storm. Then on Wednesday I could move everything back.

Okay, it’s Wednesday, and the plumbers have yet to show. Now, normally this wouldn’t be too big an impact, I mean, it is a vacation week and all. However, starting tomorrow (Thursday), the school’s FIRST Robotics Team will be in competition a dozen miles or so north at the Granite State Regionals in Manchester. Furthermore, during the regionals we host a visiting FIRST team from Vermont, and their kids and our kids camp out for two days … here in the computer labs!

I don’t know if things will be fixed by tomorrow; my guess is not. Which means I won’t be in my normal camp-out location (my office), but may have to mix with the natives.

I need a vacation! 8^)


About Mr. I

After 17 years as a PC Software Engineer I gave it all up in 2000 to become a High School Computer Teacher
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