A new home for my blog

With a crack, splash, and the sounds of fizzing broken glass, I hereby christen this blog with the finest bottle of champagne I could find in IE7.
Live Spaces is now the new home of "Intuitively Obvious" (subtitled "Random musings from a former PC Software Engineer now High School Computer Teacher"). Three plus years ago or so I started blogging on another site (theSpoke), where I tried to speak to technology oriented students and teachers about the world as I see it, experiences I’ve had or were having, all from a point of view that I hoped would be intriguing and refreshingly different. Unfortunately, theSpoke seems to be quietly dying from neglect, so a new home was needed. Hopefully, many of my friends from there will find me here.
The stories you may or may not choose to read here come from an overly active imagination, could be based somewhat on events of the "real" world, and on occasion may involve people you know, heard about, or think you met once. The topics I cover are things that interest me, and include computers and programming, FIRST Robotics, my family and friends, and things that I think others might find occasionally amusing.
So welcome; I hope you’ll stop by now and then.

About Mr. I

After 17 years as a PC Software Engineer I gave it all up in 2000 to become a High School Computer Teacher
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1 Response to A new home for my blog

  1. Alfred says:

    Welcome to Windows Live Spaces! I’ll be a round to keep an eye on you. 🙂

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