XNA in the Classroom, Part 2

Since Friday’s discovery that the school’s PCs, with their generic video cards, lack the horsepower to support XNA applications, we’ve been approaching the end-of-year projects on a number of fronts:
  • Some students started searching for cheap and acceptable video cards. Mail order has some for around $30, which means I could probably get a half-dozen systems up without too much trouble
  • We loaded XNA on some of the school’s laptops, and found that things run well. With 10 such laptops, we’ll be pretty well covered (unless, of course, other teachers borrow the laptops for a period or two)
  • I sent word out the school’s faculty that I’ve got 15 top notch programmers chomping at the bit for a challenging assignment. So far three ideas have been suggested
  • The old standby: PocketPC applications

I’m still hoping that we can pull off something in the XNA arena. I know two groups of students are still interested at least. But I’m also glad to see the other groups digging into different projects. A Jeopardy game for one teacher (probably several more, if it’s written well), a lab-partner-selection utility for another, and a PocketPC game. Can’t wait to see the results.


About Mr. I

After 17 years as a PC Software Engineer I gave it all up in 2000 to become a High School Computer Teacher
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