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Brand new used computer

Laptop computers are a fundamental part of my life these days. Over the summer I took a two week trip to Belize (25th anniversary with my wife), and I fought the urge to take my laptop. First because I would … Continue reading

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My theSpoke Blog Entries Have Arrived!

Well, it took a tad longer than expected (i.e., it wasn’t instantaneous!), but several dozen of my blog posts from theSpoke are now part of this blog. I for one am happy I didn’t lose these morsels of insight.   … Continue reading

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Blog entries from theSpoke, Part II

Update: I downloaded IntoSpaces from Channel 8 (actually, from CodePlex where it’s published), installed it, and ran it. It found (!) the dozens of my blog entries in theSpoke, and it SAID it transfered them to here. So far, I … Continue reading

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Blog entries from theSpoke

So I started blogging on theSpoke back in 2004, and blogged on and off for three years. Unfortunately, while theSpoke was a great place in 2004 and 2005, by 2006 it started collapsing due to spamblogs, automated spambots that did … Continue reading

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