Murphy aside, another good day

Today, Team 811 pulled off yet another outstanding FLL tournament. This was our sixth year of running Cardinal Chaos (as we call it), where we open the BG gymnasium up for a dozen or so middle- and junior high-school FIRST LEGO League teams and host a local competition for them. This one was really special for me, because I had almost nothing to do with it during the day. You see, I got suckered into being the head coach for the Nashua Catholic Regional Jr. High FLL team. (Actually, FLL teams, but that’s a story for another entry.) Anyway, since my FLL team was attending Cardinal Chaos, it wouldn’t have really seemed appropriate if I was running the event as well. So, after getting everything set up and organized, Thursday I turned to the team and announced that they were essentially on their own. ("If you need something that only a school representative can handle, call me. Otherwise, if anyone needs anything, find another mentor.”)

The Team 811 kids and mentors were fabulous, taking care of everything that our guests needed. Everyone I spoke to told how we made the day fun and stress free (as we usually do), and no one had anything negative to say.


And, yes, I did have to do the “school rep” thing: The BG football team was in present briefly as they prepared to head out for the semi-final game (which we won again, Go BG!), and a player’s mom found me and begged me to open the gym locker room, so that she could retrieve the book bag that her son left locked in there. (They’re going away after the game, and he wouldn’t have been able to do homework.) Sounds to me that he didn’t really forget it, but that’s just my opinion.


But anyway, if Cardinal Chaos was so successful, why did I mention Murphy in the title? At 8:00am, with less than an hour before Opening Ceremonies, guess who realized that the NashCath team left their robot IN NashCath? (Several frantic phone calls, and I found a helpful person who had the keys and would open the school for me.)



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