Snow Day

We had a Snow Day today. The weather reports yesterday called for snow starting in the middle of the night, with heavy accumulations of 3-6 inches during the day, continuing on into the night. So when I got the call from the school’s president at 5:00am saying school was closed, I wasn’t surprised; I turned off the alarms and went back to sleep.
At 7:00am or so I woke up, pleasantly rested, and noticed something odd: I couldn’t see any snow falling. In fact, yeah, the neighbor’s roof through the window was black. It wasn’t snowing at all. The snow didn’t start falling until 8am, and it didn’t start accumulating until 3pm … an hour AFTER school would have let out!
What bugs me is that, while it eventually did pile up to about 3", and was over by 9pm, we really didn’t need the day off. Especially considering that it’s FIRST Build Season, and tonight was supposed to be our first test of the finished robot. (One week to go until Ship Day!) My daughter is upset, because it’s getting close to the point when they’ll have to extend the school year, which means finals might be in conflict with the Track Camp she wants to go to. (It’s in Colorado Springs, at the Air Force Academy … for some reason she wants to go out that-a-way.)
Gotta love the meterologists: Where else can you be wrong 60% of the time and still be considered good?

About Mr. I

After 17 years as a PC Software Engineer I gave it all up in 2000 to become a High School Computer Teacher
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