Well, this is interesting …

Okay, not quite 7 years ago I started a blog. Nothing too exciting or Earth-shattering, just the “Random musings from a former PC Software Engineer now High School Computer Teacher”. Considering what and where I was teaching, and based on the recommendations of a friend, I chose to locate it on theSpoke.com. That gave me a relatively interested audience of students, teachers, and others in the high tech field.

About three years into it, a funny thing happened: theSpoke died. Never got the whole story of why, but it started when management stopped, and the various blogs started filling with spam and other annoyances. When it became obvious that there was no hope for recovery, I jumped ship to a new site, Microsoft Live Spaces. My audience, unfortunately, didn’t seem to follow me, and most of my blog posts were, well, to myself. Fortunately, I happened to stumble upon a tool somewhere (not even sure anymore) that allowed me to transfer the dozens of my posts that I thought would simply go poof when the powers that be deleted theSpoke, so I was able to preserve my own past.

The other day, as I was posting a far-too-infrequent tale, I saw a screen that said “Live Spaces is going away.” Sigh … here we go again. Again, fortunately this transition was almost painless, and I was able to trnasfer my posts here. (Not sure if ALL of them got transfered, theSpoke history might be history!)

Anyway, welcome to my new home. Perhaps someone out there will discover my ramblings, and I’ll get an audience again.


About Mr. I

After 17 years as a PC Software Engineer I gave it all up in 2000 to become a High School Computer Teacher
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